DIRECTOR: Mario Vrbančić

COUNTRY: Croatia

YEAR / DURATION: 2020. • 101’

GENRE: drama



  • SCREENPLAY: Mario Vrbančić
  • EDITOR: Ina Kovačec Bijelić
  • PRODUCTION DESIGN: Aneta Mudronja Pletenac, Senka Božić
  • COSTUME DESIGN: Lena Andrijević
  • SOUND: Costa Ipsa
  • SCORE: David Gazarov, Costa Ipsa
  • VISUAL EFFECTS: Dino Đurina, Luka Matić
  • LEAD ACTRESS: Marta Cerovečki
  • LEAD ACTOR: Zdenko Jelčić, Mladen Vujčić
  • SUPPORTING ACTRESSES: Ela Conc, Ana Cvitaš, Marija Cvitaš, Karla Lebhaft, Tija Matija Pletenac, Silvija Topić, Olga Orlić, Iva Peter Dragan
  • SUPPORTING ACTORS: Zoran Beroš, Filip Dubrovski, Duško Petrović
  • PRODUCERS: Senka Božić, Mirela Krneta, Costa Ipsa
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: nezavisna produkcija
  • SALES AGENT: The Movie Agency, Bayview Entertainment
  • INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL: European Film Festival – Moscow, Top Indie Festival – Japan (Best Music), CKF International Film Festival – Swindon, UK, 17th Annual ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival – Toronto, Canada



Jacob, once famous, but now forgotten actor, is looking for a dog-walker for his black schnauzer, Mitzy. When he picks Daniel, an introverted and confused young man, out of all the candidates, he sets a series of events into motion. It is a start of a special dynamic that develops among Danijel, Mitzi and Jakov, one that examines the servant and master relationship. The game of submission reveals a bizarre collision of worlds and generations, a relationship towards the past and the historic today, precariousness, love and hate, as well as the post-human perspective of being in the world.

About the director

Mario Vrbančić (Bjelovar, 1960) earned his PhD in comparative literature (film and media studies) from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and has since taught film and literary theory at various universities (University of Melbourne, University of Lviv, Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, University of Zadar). He has published a large number of papers and books on film in a wider context of popular culture, several plays and radio dramas. He has worked with several production companies, from New Zealand and Australia to the Ukraine, as well as with the artistic organisation Triko Cirkus Teatar, for which he directed the documentary film Kupica (2012), experimental film Bargain (2012), Referee’s Dream (2011), short film Time Machine (2011), and the feature fiction independent film Tail Job (2016), which won the Best Editing Award at the 2017 Creation Festival in Canada.


  • INK – 19.07


  • Kino Valli – 20.07


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