Visual identity 68. Pula

 Visual identity 68. Pula

The Pula Film Festival Public Institution has announced a public tender for the creation of the visual identity of the 68th Pula Film Festival on December 15, 2020. By the deadline for submission of proposals, December 2, 2020 at 12 o’clock, 23 proposals were received from a total of 15 authors.

Commission composed of: Ketrin Milićević Mijošek (director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria / Museo d’arte contemporanea dell’Istria), Davor Kliman (director of the School of Applied Arts and Design), Miodrag Čerina (president of the Pula Film Festival), director Gordana Restović Pula Film Festival) and Sanela Pliško (spokesperson for the Pula Film Festival), held a virtual meeting on December 15, 2020 at 10 am.

After reviewing and evaluating the works, the committee unanimously concluded that the work that satisfies the visual quality of the 68th Pula Film Festival is a proposal by the author Marko Rasic entitled “Number is a symbol.” Simple compositions and minimalist elements, the solution offered recognizable festival elements through a structured pictogram system that with minimal intervention, any variation can be different and retain the same features. The works of Toni Žufić and Studio “Vrisak” were especially praised.

If the occasion permits, the presentation of the visual identity will take place in March, and a public call for proposing the visual identity of the 69th Pula will be announced at the end of 2021.

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