Yesterday the audience at the Arena was delighted by the world premiere of the film South Wind 2 – Speed Up, the sequel to South Wind from 2018. Director Miloš Avramović said at the press conference that due to a lot of interest from the audience, a sequel was the next logical step. He believes […]

Book Presentation – Život u filmu: Uzori i dosezi by Nenad Polimac

The book Život u filmu: Uzori i dosezi (Life in Film: Aspirations and Achievements) by Nenad Polimac was presented on 18 July at Valli Cinema, with attendance from the author and Daniel Rafaelić, film historian and critic. Published in 2019 by the Prosvjeta Serbian Cultural Society, the book Život u filmu: Uzori i dosezi is […]

20th Edition of Exhibition Think Film: Cinemaniac XX Opened at Pula City Gallery

On Sunday 18 July, the film audience at Pula had the opportunity to attend the opening of the 20h edition of the exhibition Think Film: Cinemaniac XX, which was held as part of Pula Film Festival side programme. This multi-annual research platform was created in 2002 at the gallery MMC Luka, where it has been […]

Political Topics at Second Day of Pula Film Festival

Ahead of the world premiere of Branko Schmidt’s Once We Were Good for You, a press conference has been held at Valli Cinema with director Branko Schmidt, screenwriter Sandra Antolić, actors Rene Bitorajac and Slaven Knezović, DOP Dario Hacek, and editor Hrvoje Mršić. Branko Schmidt said that the very fact the film has been made […]

68th Pula Film Festival Officially Open

Last night, at the sold-out Arena the film Murina by director Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović officially opened the 68th Pula Film Festival. The film crew bowed to the audience who watched the artistic achievement in a single breath. Murina has just started its global festival tour and has already achieved international acclaim. This was the first […]

Tickets sold out for 17.7.

Dear audience, Please note that the tickets for tonight’s opening ceremony and subsequent screening of the film Murina by the director Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović  are SOLD OUT.

Murina Crew Presents the Film Ahead of Opening Ceremony

The first day of the 68th Pula Film Festival started at Valli Cinema, where Director Gordana Restović and Artistic Director Pavo Marinković welcomed the visitors, and with the press conference of the film Murina, which will open the Festival. I am extremely pleased that despite the limitations, we were successful in organising this year’s edition […]

Press Conference Before the 68th Pula Film Festival

A press conference was held at Luna’s Bar at Park Plaza Histria Hotel before the 68th Pula Film Festival, with mayor of Pula Filip Zoričić, President of the Board of Arena Hospitality Group Reli Slonim, director of Pula Tourism Office Sanja Cinkopan Korotaj, and director of Pula Film Festival Gordana Restović. Director Restović emphasised in […]

Screening of South Wind 2 – Speed Up Sold Out

Five days before the screening, all available tickets for the film South Wind 2 – Speed Up directed by Miloš Avramović, which will have its premiere at the Arena on 19 July at 9.30 p.m., have been SOLD OUT. Epidemiological measures allow for a maximum of 1,500 spectators at the Arena, with no COVID passport or negative […]

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